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Saturday 25th of June, 14pm CET (Prague, Berlin), online

For professionals


PragueTalks 2022 conference held by Irene Society will be on Zoom. The topic is Apocalypse and the Survival of Hope

Dear Colleagues,

We hope you will kindly accept this invitation to a one-day conference – to reflect, to discuss and to understand better the burning issue of our time.

We are at war. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian women - baby on one arm, in the other hand, a small bag - have been standing and waiting at the borders for days and nights. Some of them are now sharing our homes as guests. Every day we see on our televisions the destruction of their homes, of their towns and villages, of their country – and the death of innocent citizens.

Many of us are witnessing such a situation for the first time in our lives; however, some of us still remember World War II, and many of us remember the summer of 1968, when the Soviet tanks invaded our homeland, Czechoslovakia. It was the same sort of primitive cruelty based on false words (and it was the same aggressor).

However, the Ukrainians are not submitting to the aggressors, they are standing up to them, they are fighting, they are dying for their country and for their dignity. They are behaving the way many Czechs would have preferred to choose in the course of history. Maybe we feel that the Ukrainians are doing something on our behalf.

Now the Czechs are sending material help to Ukraine; people have collected large sums of financial support, our prime minister was the first to pay a state visit to his Ukrainian colleague... we are doing our best.

We are living at a time when history is undergoing a change. This time calls for a new testing of reality, our own as well as that of the aggressor: what is that force that is able to change a peacefully-living peasant into someone who kills and sexually abuses even children? How does it happen that a large group succumbs to a collective false self?

Many Zoom discussions have been organised recently where numbers of therapists, group analysts, psychologists, professionals in the human sciences from around the world have been gathering: to express their support for their colleagues affected by the war and to explore the situation. Many of us are longing to understand the situation better, so we can apply group analytic knowledge.

We therefore decided to try as well. Please accept our invitation to attend by “Prague Talking” by Zoom on Saturday 25 June, from 2:00 p.m. CET.

You are cordially invited,

yours Denisa Schücková, Helena Klímová, Michael Šebek.

2. Konferenz der Gruppenlehranalytiker*innen Apolda 24.06. – 25.06.2022
2. Konferenz der Gruppenlehranalytiker*innen
24.06. – 25.06.2022
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24. SGAZ-Workshop Gruppenanalyse erfahren 8. – 9. Oktober 2022 in Zürich
«Gruppenanalyse erfahren – Workshop zur Einführung in die Gruppenanalyse nach S.H. Foulkes»
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15. Kinderanalytischen Konferenz, 15.10.2022 in Mainz
Unter dem Titel Psychoanalyse 'outside the box‘ werden wir uns mit den Referent*innen Sinje Alscher, Christoph Kleemann und Patrick Meurs psychodynamischen Ansätzen außerhalb des klassischen Therapie-Settings widmen. Nähere Informationen zu Programm und Ablauf entnehmen Sie bitte dem beigefügten Flyer.
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8. Advanced Seminar - Resonanz – Konzept oder Phänomen?
Resonanz – Konzept oder Phänomen?
Freitagabend bis Sonntag
11.–13. November 2022
in Hamburg
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